Tom wins client approval!

Winner photo

In January, Year 5 started work on a live project.  Commissioned by Impact International, a global company specialising in management learning and development, students considered the business model and opportunities for developing the company’s wooded site Windermere in the Lake District.  Proposals included a retreat for musicians; mindfulness therapy centre and a strategy for depopulation via transient, plug-in living spaces.

After some fantastic presentations, the client, CEO David Williams, selected Tom Boardman as the winner.  Tom proposed a new headquarters building for the company, which raised the company’s local profile as well as giving form to their collective values.  Tom proposed a timber frame structure which bridged the roadside to the forest behind, creating a smooth transition between the local landscape and global business.  Tom wins a night for two at the exclusive Merewood Country House hotel.  Congratulations Tom!


Charrette #2 Structure vs. skin

Nothing like a charrette to shake things up a bit.

This week, M.Arch students took part in some intensive model making to interrogate the relationship between structure and skin in their architectural thesis projects.  This one day exercise challenged students’ preconceptions of building composition in relation to their design thesis, propelling their design process to a more creative outcome.

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