North End Soul

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UCLan hosted this year’s RIBA 2015 annual Northern Soul design charrette at Avenham Park, with UCLan’s Masters in Architecture students joining the teams to respond to the challenging design brief.  The brief asked students from schools of  architecture from across the north of England to work intensively on solutions to revitalise Preston’s historic Stoneygate area.

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Charrette #2 Structure vs. skin

Nothing like a charrette to shake things up a bit.

This week, M.Arch students took part in some intensive model making to interrogate the relationship between structure and skin in their architectural thesis projects.  This one day exercise challenged students’ preconceptions of building composition in relation to their design thesis, propelling their design process to a more creative outcome.

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A diagnosis of analysis paralysis

So you’ve found a site.  Time for some site analysis – context, sun paths, demographics, microclimate, figure ground studies…….we could go on forever.  And why not?  Site analysis is a safe and methodical exercise.  Your site is just waiting to unlock its secrets and reveal a building just waiting to happen.  Or not.

We get stuck in the analysis phase.  It’s a form of procrastination.  The building will not reveal itself.  You have to design it!

And the prescription for Analysis Paralysis?  A charrette!

2014-11-25 14.19.38 2014-11-25 12.50.38
[Sylwia Mazurek & Keith Tasker]

Last Tuesday, each student, having submitted their projects just a couple of days beforehand, were asked to draw their building and pin up for review.  In just four hours and a prohibition on digital media, they retrieved the initial iterations from the private spaces of their minds, prompting a dialogue about what their building might become.

Drawing and subsequent dialogue provided the motive force for driving forward the design process.

[Emma McQuillan]
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[Fahim Adam]
2014-11-25 15.14.51

[Sylwia Mazurek]
2014-11-25 15.14.04

[Becky Lovell]
2014-11-25 15.15.35

[Joe Cook & tutors l-r David Raynor, Ann Vanner, Lynne Bell & Charalampos Politakis]
2014-11-25 15.16.40