A diagnosis of analysis paralysis

So you’ve found a site.  Time for some site analysis – context, sun paths, demographics, microclimate, figure ground studies…….we could go on forever.  And why not?  Site analysis is a safe and methodical exercise.  Your site is just waiting to unlock its secrets and reveal a building just waiting to happen.  Or not.

We get stuck in the analysis phase.  It’s a form of procrastination.  The building will not reveal itself.  You have to design it!

And the prescription for Analysis Paralysis?  A charrette!

2014-11-25 14.19.38 2014-11-25 12.50.38
[Sylwia Mazurek & Keith Tasker]

Last Tuesday, each student, having submitted their projects just a couple of days beforehand, were asked to draw their building and pin up for review.  In just four hours and a prohibition on digital media, they retrieved the initial iterations from the private spaces of their minds, prompting a dialogue about what their building might become.

Drawing and subsequent dialogue provided the motive force for driving forward the design process.

[Emma McQuillan]
2014-11-25 15.14.20

[Fahim Adam]
2014-11-25 15.14.51

[Sylwia Mazurek]
2014-11-25 15.14.04

[Becky Lovell]
2014-11-25 15.15.35

[Joe Cook & tutors l-r David Raynor, Ann Vanner, Lynne Bell & Charalampos Politakis]
2014-11-25 15.16.40